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TLC Butterfly Effect Spa & Academy

TLC Butterfly Effect Spa & Academy founded 2014 armed with a mission to address today’s obesity problems in the U.S. by exerting every non-invasive measure possible.  Most Americans struggle with obesity daily. Our daily diets are filled with high carbs, sugars and weak DNA fundamentals strands which build unwanted fat areas, forcing Americans to seriously consider surgery, which can be very costly and require more recovery time allotted to Americans who are still on the work force. 

TLC Butterfly Effect Spa decided to exhaust every means possible to address the obesity issues by lobbying the latest non-invasive technology available in the United States.  Getting our clients back to work with minimum downtime is our sole focus as well as use of non-invasive tools and organic supplements.  We have documented success stories on how our current clients with the proper use of technology are winning the weight loss battle so join us today by calling today 866-531-7169 or click the book now button.  In 2016, after 2 years of successfully implementing our weight loss program, another opportunity presented itself to us after the recession of 2008, which lasted over 4 years and even till today Americans are recoiling to make up lost financial ground. 

After careful review our board of directors, we decided to launch TLC Butterfly Effect Academy to help boost the economy by assisting new business owners’ enter inside this billion-dollar industry by offering spa ownership training. 

In our academy new or existing business owners will learn hands on every aspect of running a successful non-invasive spa where they can do so through our program.  We will show them how to open their very own spa for under $10,000 while launching them well in to a six-figure earning industry.

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