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Welcome to TLC Butterfly Effect Spa,  home of  “The Beautiful You Project”!

With several years experience in the health and wellness beauty industry we have emerged as one of the top leaders offering wellness services to women between the ages of 30-65 years young.  The women who seek us out are everyday women; moms, housewives, business women and retirees.  The common denominator between all these women is that they all have come to a cross road in their personal lives as it relates to their personal appearances, so they start down the road towards the journey of restoration.  As we go, we grow, and we all have felt trapped with saggy and aging skin, mommy pouches, love handles, weight gain and or diminishing smiles. This is where Tender Loving Care “TLC” comes in! We are here to help you along the journey of restoring your “Beautiful You Project” for all purposes intended. We build, we encourage, we engage and we support your decision to reconnect with the very best version of yourself in our organic coaching restoration system which stimulates and supports YOU!


About Us

TLC Butterfly Effect Spa & Academy founded 2014 armed with a mission to address today’s obesity problems in the U.S. by exerting every non-invasive measure possible...

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TLC Academy

When TLC Butterfly Effect Academy opened its doors Summer of 2016 the goal was simple: Help stimulate the beauty industry by offering affordable training...

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Our Services

BE Project takes a woman beyond her everyday living experience with Non Invasive Body Sculpting. In short, get the look without the Cost or Pain...

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