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Please see your facial professional before beginning any facial treatment. There is a $15 fee NOT covered by any coupon presented upon service. This fee is for your required facial consultation in order to complete your teeth whitening procedure today.
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Are you photosensitive to light or currently on any photosensitive medicines? *
Are you pregnant, suspect you’re pregnant or breastfeeding? *
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Have you had any facial surgery or micro-derms, facial peelings within the last 30-days? *
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I, (the client/consumer), hereby declare that I am 18 years old or am the parent/legal guardian of the client/consumer is under the age of 18 did in fact consult with your facial professional within the last 30 days before using this self-administered over the counter teeth whitening product and or service. Furthermore, in consideration of the product, light source, service provide and other good and valuable consideration of information received regarding this product or service. I hereby release and forever discharge TLC BUTTERFLY EFFECT SPA LLC. and any other entity performing any of these services and or products provided/offered and its employees, distributors, and/or wholesalers (collectively the “vendor”) their heirs, executors administrators, successors and assigners from an and all actionable items, and I will not hold liable the above mentioned vendor for any damages, general or unforeseen, present or future, or for any adverse conditions of any type, caused directly or indirectly by the use of this product or light source. I understand that any claims, representations, and advice by TLC Butterfly Effect LLC professionals regarding IPL or our light source is not warranted and therefore is not guaranteed. I have read all the above declarations and consent to the use of hydrogen or carbazide peroxide and its components or light source for the use at my own risk. I understand that the use of our or any light source used is at my own discretion. I understand that in the event I fail to cancel my appointment 24-hours prior to schedule appointment a fee of $25 will be charged to resume treatments; also accept the policy that in the event of two or more scheduled treatments missed a $40 fee will charged to resume the packaged I purchased.
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