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$45/hour — First time required appointment to set up treatment schedule review treatments and collect measurements and weight.

Pretty Smile Teeth Whitening

Starting at $39 — 20-min procedure whitening to lift stains from teeth coffee and smokers may require additional procedures.

Thermal Body Wrap

1 hour Starting at $49 — Weight loss body wrapping procedures you using organic slimming gels and unique wrapping techniques to desired body parts then client is placed in thermal bag the size of adult sleeping bag up-to 1 hour treatments results weight loss up to 3 pounds. 

Detox Kit 7-days

Starting at $35 — Combination of detox tea and organic fat burners and cleanse tablets.

IPL Photo Facial 

Starting at $40 — Photo facial using inferred lighting by applying mask on to face the treatment is non invasive and uses light to help reduce redness in face and reduce open pores.


Starting at $40 — No needles no down time no pain procedure using cooling technique to reduce fat cells and bring non surgical skin tightening results for weight loss results

Coolsculpting FAQs

Lymphatic Drainage Massages:

Starting at $89 —Vacuum Suction/ Electronic Lymphatic Drainage-Is the ideal massage for a complete and effective recovery after any type of surgery (post lipo massage). It is the cornerstone of every post-surgery treatment (after lipo massage) and our specialists recommend beginning this type of massage one to three days after the surgery's date, always considering the patient's general condition. The main objective of the Lymphatic Drainage Massage is to eliminate the body's noxious waste after the surgery that cannot be eliminated by the circulatory system because of its amount and size. This massage could be manual or assisted by specialized equipment and involves slow movements and maneuvers in the affected area and its closest areas. The movements and maneuvers are largely painless depending on the patient's condition. This treatment will be applied in sessions with a maximum length of 45 minutes to one hour each.

Vacuum Therapy

Starting at $50 — Treatment used to being consistent blood flow to buttock area for enlargement

Non Invasive Laser Lipo

Starting at $40 — No needles no down time no pain procedure using heating technique to reduce fat cells and bring non surgical skin tightening results for weight loss results

Strawberry Non Invasive

Starting at $32 — Placement of up to 8 paddles around treatment area using light and pulse system to reduce fat cells it’s recommended to drink significant water after each treatment as well as light workout



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