Happy Clients, Great Results

TLC Smiles.jpg

Coach Scott really listened to my concerns and made me feel like there was hope!

— Toni D.

I was so surprised to see such fast results 10 pounds in 2 weeks unbelievable I have struggled all my life with my weight!

— maya B.

I have struggled with my weight long before the birth of my children Coach Scott help me to understand this is a normal process and held my hand through my entire 8-week BE Project.

— Tiffany C.

The facility was beautiful and the staff amazing and my results spectacular
Delaney S

— delaney s.


I hated my smile my teeth never were white enough but after my treatments with Pretty Smile program with Coach Scott I just can’t stop smiling!

— niko S.

The first rule you hear after meeting with Coach Scott is No More Fat Talk! I was forbidden to talk harshly about my weight and encouraged to become my most beautiful self.

— Shannon N.

TLC Butterfly Effect is more than machines they are systems and processes!  When I followed the system, I got the results!

— Brandy M.

As a guy we are not expected to seek out these types of services, but I did, and it was the very best thing I could have ever done to rid myself of unexpected mid waistline weight gain not to mention my diminishing bright smile until I met with Coach Scott.

— Brian S.