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When TLC Butterfly Effect Academy opened its doors Summer of 2016 the goal was simple: Help stimulate the beauty industry by offering affordable training to those seeking an opportunity to open a local chapter spa’s inside the Beauty, Health & Wellness Industry!  The purpose is to help the United States struggling economy by exposing its citizens to a growing multi-billion-dollar industry for a very low start up cost.  

Unlike many tech schools with over inflated training costs ranging from $10,500 to $25,000 just for training to get a job as a lab tech $12 per hour $15,000.00 training, phlebotomy tech $10 per hour training $12,500.00, medical administration $13.50-hour $17,500.00 training.  The Academy created a program for less than 50% of the cost for any of these training programs today at these said technical schools.  Our goals are different we wanted not to start our students off in negative debt by loading student loans into their future while hoping to find an entry level job inside the industry!

So, we took a closer looked at the cost of training programs today and we put together a comprehensive training program that offers not just training only but fundamental business set up training to include top non-invasive machines & training for less than 50% of what these traditional schools are charging just for training!  If you are accepted into a TLC training program you will not only receive training by our top industry trained business owners/instructors, but a full business rollout to include: training, machines, business infrastructure, marketing, hiring practices and keys to your very own business location within 45-days or less for half the cost!  

Many of our students have opened their doors in under 60-days causing them to more than earn back their investment and or profit within 90 days or less!  Only in TLC Butterfly Effect Academy does this happen daily for all students attending.  Which is why you should call 866-531-7169 or click the link to start the admission process for our upcoming classes!


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Our Courses:


The Masters Course

Course is literally a course for a first-time business owner.  In this course, you will be taken from the basic steps of securing your EIN to legalizing your company.  During the course, you will set up everything from website, accounting, marketing, hiring policies, creating forms and documents, training on all machines, 40-hours of clinical, it also includes 4 of the major machines you need to start business.  It is key for the student to understand you will be properly trained on setting up your turn-key business in which you can open the doors within 30-days or less after training.



This course is intense application of all Non-Invasive Machines and Office Acronyms i.e., patient charting, appointment scheduling, sales, front office and back office procedures.  The goal is to offer competitive training for which the technician will be able to work in a medical office as a trained technician collecting data for lead technician and or doctor usage in addition to set up of client file, collection of payment, scheduling of future appointments and offer treatments.  The technician can either create or work in current system to enhance a private practice and or make their business known as well as connect their businesses to the right marketing opportunities and or individuals who will drive business to their doors.  This course is a great benefit for entry level technicians seeking entrance into the health and wellness beauty industry.  This course will take the pain out of how to locate employers who seek highly trained technicians to assist them in growing their practice customers and after gaining them how to keep them.  During this course, we will explore all social media tools as well as marketing engines. 



This course covers industry knowledge of best practices as well as policies and procedures for use of the machine and clinicals.  As a private trained instructor, you can offer industry training for potential students seeking entry into spa training/ownership.  Get training on the latest non-invasive technology equipment covering facials, skin tightening, weight-loss and organic supplements.  Our instructors will train and offer to students in real time solutions on the how 2’s on proper usage of equipment and handling of onboarding clients.  


Laser Lipo Course:

This course covers industry knowledge of best practices as well as policies and procedures for use of the machine and clinicals. Student will leave with understanding: This surgical procedure safely, effectively, and permanently reduces fat and refines the body contour.  

1) Who is a candidate for laser Lipo
2) Which system should be used
3) Best placement for services
4) The difference between laser Lipo, cavitation I-Lipo
5) How to build a program for client. 


Vacuum Therapy “Buttocks & Breast”:

You will learn the step by step procedure of several of the most advanced and profitable professional body treatments in the industry.  Take advantage of the BEST Body Wrapping Course in the state of Georgia by learning the techniques, procedures and marketing information of body wrap treatments. This course will cover both the theory and application to understanding Vacuum therapy and how it stimulates the muscles, while breaking cellulite and fat deposits, removes toxins and improves lymphatic drainage and clinicals.  In your class application of treatment {hands-on} theory you will understand how vacuum therapy helps restore the natural elasticity of the skin to soften the appearance of dimples on the thighs and buttocks area.  Buttocks enhancement dubbed the “vacuum therapy” is a non-invasive way to enlarge the buttocks.  The vacuum machine helps with mobilizing the fat cells to the desired area.  Also, it gradually lifts and pumps the buttocks. Recommended sessions for best results are 10-12 sessions once a week as it takes a while for fat to be mobilized.  

1) Application of pumps
2) Sanitation
3) Sterilization of instruments
4)  How to operate machine
5) Basic law requirements


Teeth Whitening:

This course covers the how too application of the whitening process bleach is applied to the teeth a special light or laser is used to enhance the action of the whitening agent sed and clinicals.  Peroxide-containing whiteners bleach the tooth enamel it’s so easy and safe to use which is applied by a trained technician.
1) Application of gel
2) Sanitation
3) Sterilization of instruments
4)  How to operate machine
5) Basic law requirements
6) Building schedule


Thermal Wrapping:

This course covers 2 major types of body wrapping and clinicals Thermal Infrared Heating Blanket functions to emit a low energy emission heat which can activate the metabolism, relax muscles, increase circulation throughout the body, remove excess toxins and circulate lymph. By providing this effect can ultimately result in the reduction and elimination of excess fat cells. Treatment time can range from 20-45 minutes and can be performed 1-3 times per week. This model blanket has an automatic timer and has two separate thermostat controls. It also includes the Infrared function which offers a stronger, more even distribution of heat energy.
1) What are thermal wraps
2) How to perform a thermal wrap
3) Body wrapping types I.e., Queen Wrap, Mud Wrap and Shrinking Wrap
4) Understanding heat and the use of ointments
5) Building a schedule


Vibration Sensation

This course covers
1) Operations and use of machine
2) Physical forms
3) Purpose
4) Build a program


Policy & Procedures

This course is intense it addresses policies and procedures for this industry as well as we conduct an overview of licensing and laws variations state to state, county to county and city to city. 
1) Licensing
2) Who can perform service




This course delivers all the necessary forms required to use for your business.  Having these forms will ensure that proper releases and signatures are collected.  These forms will be adjusted with your logo and contact information but in short, all the legal releases have been captured in these documents protecting your business from any back lashes.  As well as covered in this is an introduction to legal and financial support.


Marketing 101

This course is intense during the term of this course several action items are covered.  The goal is to create a system that will make your business known as well as connect your business to the right companies and or individuals who will drive business to your doors.  This course is a great benefit for a new business owner in this industry or a new business owner.  This course will take the pain out of where I get my customers and after gaining them how do we keep them.  During this course, we will explore all social media tools as well as marketing engines. 



Multiple Campuses to Choose From:


Snellville Campus

1350 Scenic Highway North #266

Snellville, GA 30078


Atlanta Campus

260 Peachtree Street NW #2200

Atlanta, GA 30303


Galleria Campus

400 Galleria Parkway #1500

Atlanta, GA 30339


Perimeter Campus

303 Perimeter Center North #300

Atlanta, GA 30346


Atlantic Station Campus

201 17th Street #300

Atlanta, GA 30363



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